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Mexican Pizza Recipe

Keto Recipe

Mexican Pizza

If you love Mexican pizza, you’ll know how tasty it is. The bad news is that regular pizzas are not keto friendly. Normally, it consists of yeast, caster sugar, plain flour, vegetable oil, and other high-carb ingredients. However, by making a few simple tweaks to the recipe, we can make it low carb and keto friendly.

This Mexican pizza has a wonderful crust made of almond flour and protein powder as the main flour. To make the dough, we add egg, almond milk, olive oil, and butter.



  • Use a large mixing bowl to make the dough. Combine the protein powder and almond flour in the bowl. Pour in the olive oil and melted butter. Mix in with the eggs. Add the almond milk little by little while stirring the mixture. Knead with your hands till you get a nonsticky dough. Sprinkle more almond flour if required. Let stand for about half an hour.
  • Lay the dough on clean, flat surface. Flatten into any shape you prefer, either rectangular, square or round. Settle the dough onto the pizza baking tray. Place in the oven set to 250°F and leave to bake for 15-20 minutes. Cooking time depends on your preferred size and thickness. Remove from the oven once the edges become light golden brown in color.
  • Sauté the ground beef in coconut oil on a hot frying pan. Coat with the taco seasoning and cook for 8-10 minutes. Drain any unnecessary liquids. Reserve.
  • Top the crust with marinara sauce. Spread evenly on the entire surface. Sprinkle the cooked ground beef, bacon bits, black olive slices, and chopped seedless tomatoes over the crust. Add the cheese for more flavor. Dust with spicy flakes or dried oregano if desired. Rebake for another 8-10 minutes with the oven set to 300°F. Wait until the cheese melts on top.
  • Use a pizza cutter to make 8 slices and enjoy!

Nutritional Facts per serving of the crust: Calories: 310 kcal – Fat: 28.2g – Net carbs: 2.6g (total carbs: 5g, dietary fiber: 2.4 g) – Protein: 13.1g

Macros (per serving of pizza): Calories: 483 – Fat: 39.7g – Net carbs: 4.1g (total carbs: 6.9g, dietary fiber: 2.8g) – Protein: 28.4g

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