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Alcohol And Men's Health

The moderate alcohol consumption may have a positive effect, but doctors still warn. The research, finished at the Harvard University, testifies to taking one or two glasses of alcohol a day. If you are a healthy not smoking man, than your cardiovascular risk will decrease even more: by 40-60% in comparison with those who doesn't drink alcohol at all. "The Health of Britain" says that the type of alcohol doesn't matter. The scientists connect it with the role, that the healthy way of life of people, consuming alcohol in moderate doses, plays, but not with the fact of consumption itself.

It is one more confirmation of a comparatively old hypothesis about the positive influence of small doses of alcohol on the clinical course of coronary disease and its prevention. There remained less clarity in the question of whether the moderate consumption of alcohol has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system of healthy not smoking and maintaining optimal body weight people. Now the scientists came to a positive answer to this question, summarizing the data of about 50 thousand people, comparing the categories, taking into account the above features of life styles.

However, scientists don't hurry to recommend alcohol as remedy. To receive reliable information it is necessary to random people in the prolonged research adding a group of people who don't drink alcohol at all. This task is difficult to fulfill in the network of one research. The receipt of the documentary information is not easy, because there were no randomized controlled researches. It's necessary to add also the unwillingness of the clinicians to put alcohol from "the blackbox of alcoholism". The discussions are continuing.

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Annoying but necessary - I'm not a Healthcare Professional so please check with your Healthcare Professional before changing anything concerning your well being.

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