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Common Foot Problems Experienced By Men

Your feet form the foundation of your body. Our foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, and many ligaments and muscles. We walk, run, and do all sorts of movement using our feet. It is no wonder; your feet will feel the pain and hurt badly if you fail to take proper care of them. We exert excessive pressure on our foot during walking, running, jumping, and standing. If your feet start to pain while doing these activities, you must take precaution right away to avoid developing a chronic foot disorder.

Let's go through the most common foot problems experienced by men.

Fungal and Bacterial Infection

Your feet will develop fungal and bacterial infection if they don't get an adequate amount of fresh air to stay dry and cool. When we wear shoes for a long time, certain parts of our feet like the toenails, space between the toes, and the bottom of our foot fails fail to get adequate amount of fresh air. These areas become warm and humid and become the favorite breeding spot for fungus and bacteria (they love to grow in warm, dark and humid areas). Fungal and bacterial condition leads to itching, redness, peeling, dry skin, and blisters. If you don't treat your feet quickly, the infection will worsen and cause serious problem.

Athlete's Foot

If you notice a reddish rash in between your toes after swimming, you have developed athlete's foot. It is a fungal infection that mostly occurs to swimmers. You must not leave athlete's foot untreated, or it may lead to ulcers. You should carry sandals when going for swimming, and you should also keep your feet dry after a public shower.

Corns and Calluses

If you feel uncomfortable in your newly purchased shoes, it is time; you must avoid wearing those shoes from the next time. If your feet get rubbed against your shoes regularly while walking or running, you will develop corns or calluses. Don't just take any medicine from a pharmacist to treat this condition at home. You must better consult a doctor to treat the source. He will prescribe you medicines good for your health, and to prevent the probabilities of a surgery.


Men have a bunion when they find a bonny bump in their big toe. Bunions happen when your big toe bent and pushes against your next toe. It is a serious foot problem leading to redness and swelling of the big toe. You can develop ugly bunions if you continue to wear tight-fitting shoes and low quality footwear made of hard material.

Ankle Sprain

Mostly, amateur athletes develop an ankle sprain due to putting excessive pressure on their ankle. However, even walking on uneven surface can lead to this condition causing acute pain and tearing of the ankle ligament. People should give special attention when buying shoes. You should invest in high quality, soft sole physiological shoes to walk comfortably and in stable way.


Due to muscle strain on your foot, you will find growth of calcium on the bones of your foot. Wearing bad shoes and standing for a long time leads to this disorder. Obese or overweight people also suffer from painful spurs.

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Annoying but necessary - I'm not a Healthcare Professional so please check with your Healthcare Professional before changing anything concerning your well being.

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