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Does Walking Help Lose Belly Fat?

We all know running helps eliminate belly fat, but does walking help lose belly fat? Looking at all the facts, this is what we came up with:

What is Walking Considered As?

Walking is categorized as a cardiovascular exercise. Defined by the English Oxford Dictionary, the term (and often prefix) cardio refers to the heart, and vascular indicates a tube-like passageway or duct used to transport fluids. From these two terms, the word cardiovascular was derived and can be easily seen to represent your veins and blood flow in your body. Hence, cardiovascular exercises are any type of physical activity that has a direct effect on the heart, whether it be a quickened rate of heart beat or easier flow of blood through your veins. In any case, it is extremely healthy to encourage or stimulate increase in heart usage through cardiovascular exercises. So does walking help lose belly fat? Read on...

Why Is This Good?

Your heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle, it is healthy to exercise to promote growth in strength and endurance. There are methods to doing this. To exercise a bicep, you would strain it and lift heavy objects (such as a dumbell), requiring your bicep alone to step up and accomplish what is being asked of it without the aid of any other muscles. Going a bit deeper (but with the same principle), if you were on a sports team (such as hockey) and the coach called the rest of the team off the ice leaving you to take on five players alone, you can bet that after a bit of frustration, you would eventually become a lot more skilled at maneuvering and skating with the puck because it's your only option... you have no help from teammates and you simply have to adjust your play to meet what the coach is asking of you. Doing cardiovascular exercises forces your heart to work and will cause it to have no other choice but to step up a level in strength and endurance to supply enough energy to your body to accomplish this new rate and amount of use.

What's The Difference Between Walking and Running?

As discussed above, walking is like running because they are both a cardiovascular exercise. Running, however, gets your heart rate up much quicker than walking. They both produce the same results, but if you decide you have a lot of free time on your hands, walking can be the healthier choice. When working out any other muscle, using less weight and performing more reps results in hardening and compacting your muscle so as to offer more endurance. Performing less reps but with more weight results in just muscle growth in size and allowing you to lift or do more short-term. When it comes to the heart, running is fast and to the point, strengthening your heart so it can perform more powerfully short-term. For example, this comes into play when swimming underwater and holding your breath (which you will be able to do for much longer as the strength of your heart increases). Walking on the other hand increases the endurance of your heart, allowing you to walk or run further and perform physical tasks longer. Both are essential, but if you are looking for a more specific result in heart performance, you can choose either to walk or run.

Does Walking Help Lose Belly Fat?

When you do a cardiovascular exercises, your body expels your used energy through sweat. If you expel more calories in a day than you consume, then your body begins to make use of the fatty acids in your body for energy. When you sweat, you are basically using the fat in your body for energy to keep going. Walking itself is great for your health and heart, but it is less likely to burn fat from your belly than running. But, keep in mind that the longer you walk, the stronger your heart will get to walk further. The further and more intensely you walk (hiking), the more you will sweat and expel fat from different places on your body (such as your belly). Hopefully this answers your question "does walking help lose belly fat".

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