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Foods To Avoid With Acid Reflux

The list of foods to avoid with acid reflux is shorter than some people may think. People may be under the impression that they're going to have to change their entire diets, eliminating a good portion of the food that they actually like in the process of improving their health. However, in many cases, they will simply need to make a few basic substitutions in the process of designing a good acid reflux diet.

For one thing, it's important to avoid citrus fruits and products that use citrus fruits as a basis. Citrus fruits are highly acidic, which is just going to make a person's underlying problems with acid reflux worse, even if they only eat these sorts of fruits sparingly. Similarly, tomatoes are high on the list of foods to avoid with acid reflux. People that eat a great deal of Italian cuisine will have to make more substitutions than other people,since Italian cuisine heavily makes use of tomato products.

Many types of Italian food, especially pizza and pasta, are particularly problematic when it comes to triggering acid reflux symptoms. These dishes tend to use full-fat dairy products, and fatty foods can worsen the symptoms of acid reflux. The combination of these full-fat dairy products and tomatoes is going to make Italian dishes particularly bad for people who are prone to experiencing heartburn symptoms. Some of the foods to avoid with acid reflux are more straightforward than others, but there are clear guidelines when it comes to adopting a diet that will effectively fight heartburn.

Many of the foods that heartburn sufferers should avoid are acidic, fatty, or both. When trying to decide on something to eat, patients should ask themselves whether or not a given food product is acidic, fatty, or both, which will help them make the right decisions on what to eat and how much. Many people are accustomed to making these sorts of judgments in an effort to adopt a diet that is higher in nutrients and lower in calories, so this sort of process is probably already going to be second nature to a lot of people.

The foods to avoid with acid reflux are sometimes healthy foods themselves, but there are plenty of other sources of vitamin C outside of orange juice. Many types of berries are better sources of vitamin C for the people who are struggling with acid reflux. When it comes to fatty foods, people will usually only need to replace those fatty foods with low-fat versions. They can eat lean meat instead of full-fat meat, and low-fat dairy products instead of full-fat dairy products. In some cases, people will be eating more or less the same dishes. They'll just be eating modified versions.

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