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Health Secrets From Your Feet

We all want to be healthy, however did you know that one way of staying healthy is to examine your feet regularly and look at what they are showing you?

Cold Feet

Men's feet tend to be warmer than women's, however extremes of coldness or warmth should not be ignored. Constantly cold feet can be a sign of an underactive thyroid, while hot, sweaty feet could be due to an over active thyroid. The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating body temperature as well as tiredness, thinning eyebrows and weight gain. If you have concerns, check them out with your doctor or health advisor.

Colour changes

Feet that are pale when you are sitting with them up, but get very red when standing could be telling you that there is a circulation issue. Your heart might be having trouble in pumping the blood around your body. This could be due to many reasons - a common one is hardening of the arteries.

Toe Nails

Nails which are hard, yellowish and ragged looking can indicate a fungal infection. Until your doctor of medical advisor says otherwise, it is advisable to wear socks at all times (including in bed) to negate spreading a possible infection. Indented nails together with feelings of persistent tiredness can indicate a form of anaemia. Speak to your doctor.


Feet swell during the day, so when choosing new shoes it is wise to shop in the afternoon or evening. This way you get a more comfortable fit which over time will keep your feet and body healthier.

Ill fitting shoes cause foot pain and can lead to posture, skeletal and muscle problems. Persistently swollen feet, called oedema or edema, can be a sign of high blood pressure (hypertension) especially when accompanied by tingling and coldness.

Other health issues that swollen feet can indicate include obesity, diabetes and oedema in pregnancy.

Self help options, if the above are not responsible, include not standing in one position for long periods or overusing laxatives, exercising regularly and cutting back on salt while continuing to drink enough water.

Cracked heels

A thickening of the skin around the heel area or red flaky skin under the heel can lead to cracks and fissures.

Quite often the cause can be ill fitting or unsupportive open backed shoes or standing for long periods, however cracked heels can also be a symptom of psoriasis, obesity, flat feet or diabetes.

Burning feet

A feeling of burning and stinging within the feet, often accompanied by swelling and redness, can be a symptom of long term alcohol abuse and liver damage, thyroid issues, kidney damage or simply a material that irritates the skin.

Foot Rashes

Rashes on the foot may be caused by a number of things from heat rash or an insect bite to sexually transmitted infections. You can rule out the commoner possibilities by daily washing and proper drying of the feet, wearing correctly fitting socks, tights and shoes etc.

If you have any concerns about what your feet may be telling you then it would be advisable to see your doctor who can allay your fears or if necessary arrange for further investigation.

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Annoying but necessary - I'm not a Healthcare Professional so please check with your Healthcare Professional before changing anything concerning your well being.

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