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Healthy Eating at Christmas - Control Your Weight


Christmas will soon be with us yet again and the planning usually starts at the start of December. Work, friend and family parties are the norm with lashings of food. If you have already started your weight loss program then Christmas can mean a stressful time but it needn't be. You can still enjoy Healthy Eating at Christmas. Follow these few tips and you can enjoy your Christmas party and a mince pie without worrying about weight gain.


Healthy Eating at Christmas - Control Your Weight: Tip No.1

When you are going out to a party at a friend's house, have a healthy snack shortly before going out. This will keep your appetite down even when faced with an enticing buffet. Usually there are some healthy foods in a buffet like dips with celery and carrot sticks, go for those first. At a buffets you have the advantage of choosing the amount you want and needn't feel pressured, which leads to...


Healthy Eating at Christmas - Control Your Weight: Tip No.2

If planning your own gathering, do a buffet. You can make it as healthy as you want and I bet many friends will appreciate that as well.


Healthy Eating at Christmas - Control Your Weight: Tip No. 3

Christmas dinner with turkey or whatever feast you choose is difficult to get round, but have the power to go for the vegetables first and the gravy and sauces last. Vegetables shouldn't be overcooked, minimize loading your plate with roast potatoes and parsnips or if cooking yourself do boiled potatoes instead. If doing roast potatoes par boil them first and finish roasting them with vegetable oil.


Healthy Eating at Christmas - Control Your Weight: Tip No.4

Christmas means a holiday from work for most. Enjoy it, get out use that extra time for going for walks or longer walks, runs etc than you normally have the time for.

Healthy Eating at Christmas - Control Your Weight: Tip No. 5

For many where there is a Christmas party there is alcohol. Beer, wine etc, not good for you to binge on anyway and can put a halt to your weight loss program. Best way round drinking alcohol - offer to drive your friends to the party and then you cannot drink. Harder but still effective is to make sure you are drinking water regularly instead of each glass refill being another alcoholic beverage. Water is essential to weight loss and your body needs water when drinking alcohol. A bit more black hat it to tell your fellow party companions that you are taking a course of antibiotics and therefore not allowed to drink.

There are more tips and tricks to help avoid falling in to a weight gain program over the Christmas period. The above healthy eating at Christmas tips will help you control your weight without putting a downer on your Christmas festivities. Best wishes to all.


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