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Holiday Over - Weight Loss Begins


Millions of us come home from a holiday, look in the mirror and think 'Yuck'.

After a holiday when food control has probably gone AWOL, how do you get your healthy eating back on track?

Firstly,you should resist the temptation to starve yourself to make up for all the overeating. This is not the right way to lose weight. Your body needs fuel and all the food groups.

If you put on weight over the holidays, it's probably fat. Starving yourself will make you lose muscle mass, which will slow your metabolism and make it even harder to lose weight.


To get yourself back on track, start off by stocking up on nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low-fat dairy products.

Avoid buying unhelpful foods i.e. biscuits, processed foods, crisps. If they aren't in the house, you won't be tempted.

Snacks - The best kind of snack to go for are those that balance protein, fat, and carbs - like whole-grain crackers with peanut butter or a piece of fruit with a few nuts. This will satisfy and sustain you.

Get moving. It sounds simple, but if you ate too much, you'll want to burn some of it off. Try to get out and about for a short brisk walk [or a run]. If you can do this regularly, fantastic! You do not need to go mad and join the gym today - think about what you enjoy. Do you like dancing? Zumba might be the answer - or an exercise class? Walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift. Small changes reap results.


Drink water - not all day long, but increase the amount you normally drink. So, keep a small bottle water nearby - on your desk, or in the car. Try and get into the habit of drinking a mouthful every now and then throughout the day - better to do this than downing a whole glass of water in one go. Keeping hydrated is good for digestion and the skin.

Think of one [or two] initial goals that are achievable during the first week. For example: no bread at all in the first week or eat a smaller meal in the evenings. Then you can set another goal for the second week. This is a more realistic way to get results.

If you want to change something [i.e. lose weight], you need to 'act'. It is not going to happen without a commitment. Are you ready?

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Annoying but necessary - I'm not a Healthcare Professional so please check with your Healthcare Professional before changing anything concerning your well being.

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