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How to Lose the Beer Gut: Weight Loss for Men

As men age, they tend to have a declining production in male hormones, which can contribute to increased rates of depression, loss of libido and increase in fat deposits. A quick trip to the general practitioner and a discussion of testing of hormone levels will help clear up any problems related with male hormone production. The General Practitioner will also offer other recommended health related screening for men, including testing of blood pressure, measurement of cholesterol levels in the blood, and also possibly blood glucose level testing. Health screening helps to head off problems before they start, and will get a man back into tip top shape when he knows what he has to deal with.

Healthier Lifestyle Doesn't Mean Giving Up a Quiet One with Your Buddies

Manufacturers have recognized that there is a demand for low-alcohol beers and mid-strength beers from men who are wanting to improve their health without ruining their social lives. If you are going to go out with your buddies for a night out, or have a round of drinks at the bar after work, be sure to choose low-alcohol alternatives, or drink lime and soda water, and drink water in between each drink. Medical and health professionals generally recommend no more than two standard alcoholic drinks per day, in order to maintain good health. Don't forget that what you eat with the alcohol can contribute to excess weight gain - crisps, beer nuts, and high energy density snack foods. Remember portion sizes, or eat a healthy meal before you go out, so you won't be wanting to snack. Remember to drink responsibly.

Most Men Don't Get the Recommended 2 Fruit and 5 Vegetables Per Day

A fast, and really simple way to get your health back into the green zone is to stock up on the fruit and vegetables. These plant based foods offer essential micronutrients, which get your body's cells firing on all cylinders, making sure that your metabolism is fully revved. This will increase your fat burning ability, and turn your body into a power machine. Find different ways of serving fruit and vegetables, and include them with each meal or have as a snack.

You Don't Have to Have a Six Pack to be a Health Hero

The men who have fully sculpted abs and broad shoulders almost have a second full time job keeping themselves in fine form. You don't have to spend all your spare time working out in the gym to improve your health and be attractive to your partner. Exercise is recommended for a minimum of 150 minutes per week, done over five sessions - which equates to around 30 minutes per day. Resistance training is highly recommended to be combined with aerobic exercise, as the former strengthens your muscles and bones, and the latter increases your heart, lung and blood vessel health.

Focus On More Health Rather than Loss

A lot of people when they are trying to lose weight focus on how many pounds they have to lose. This can make dieting and exercise seem abhorrent to some, and difficult to stick with. If you turn the focus onto what you are gaining - like better health, increased libido, better quality of life, and getting more exercise, and eating better food, and more nutritious food - your brain will automatically be motivated to keep you going. Don't "diet" but focus on permanent lifestyle changes. The beer gut will go, and you'll be a new man with great health and a winning attitude.


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Annoying but necessary - I'm not a Healthcare Professional so please check with your Healthcare Professional before changing anything concerning your well being.

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