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The French Mystery - They Eat Fatty Food and Stay Skinny


The French eat fatty food, drink lots of red wine and smoke a lot. But still they are skinny usually. Some call it the French paradox. The surveys indicate that just 8% of all the French are overweight compared to 50% when it comes to the USA.

The French live more and have fewer heart problems. With all the pastries they eat, all the wine they drink and a fatty traditional cuisine they somehow succeed to stay thin. They must have a secret. But what it is?

If you ever go to France you will see for your eyes that food plays a central role in the French culture. Breakfast, lunch and supper are a must if you are French. You might think that eating 3 times a day is a sure way to gain weight. The truth is just the opposite. The difference between French and we the Americans is that the French enjoy their food and take time to eat it. They feel pleasure when they eat.

If you have ever been to a French restaurant you might have noticed the small servings that have an artistic design. Yes the French eat fatty food but they eat less food and eat frequently. Eating small meals many times per day is an old weight loss trick that sadly few use in their diets.


The French also make sure they are in a good mood when they sit down at the table. They don't eat to feel better. They don't care for the quantity but the quality of the food. They eat high quality fresh food. And they chew the food slowly to capture its flavor. You should learn from the French and eat your meals slowly and make a commitment to yourself to eat only good healthy food from now on.

If you can drink a glass of red wine at each meal. Red wine is fabulous for your heart and cardiovascular system.


If you eat smaller meals you will have space for dessert. You don't have to skip dessert after a meal if you reduce the size of your meals. That way you won't be plagued by all sorts of craving during the day.

The French also exercise a lot. They don't go to the gym but they love to walk or take a bike to anywhere they need to go. If they can they also avoid the elevator. Being very social helps them always be on the move and not in front of the Tv.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the French love to make love. According to a survey made by Durex the French make love more often than all the other nations. A good and pleasant way to lose some pounds or stay fit if you think about it.

In conclusion having a good life is the way to having a slender figure and being healthy. Enjoy life more and have a great time and you will lose weight the French way.

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Annoying but necessary - I'm not a Healthcare Professional so please check with your Healthcare Professional before changing anything concerning your well being.

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