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What Does The Ketogenic Diet And GI Index Have To Do With Each Other?

With the different rates at which we all consume food, it is not surprising that many people are indeed overweight and obese. Obesity has even become somewhat celebrated as seen in the case of the fattest man alive In the Guinness Book of Records and in the movie "Phat Girls". However, this does not make being fat a good thing. One way fat is stored up in the body is from excess consumption of carbohydrates or sugars in the body. If you don't burn the calories you eat, they convert and become stored energy (fat) for later use. 

Thus, an individual gains weight from eating too many calories many times in the form of carbohydrates. But in spite of the fact that fat seems harmful, there are some diets that are based on fats and don't contain many if any starchy type carbohydrates at all. One such diet is the Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet is a low starchy carb, high fat, and moderate protein diet initially invented to help cure kids of their epilepsy. Some people now follow the diet and use it to lose weight and get rid of excess fat. 
The Ketogenic diet works through the process of inducing a state of semi starvation in an individual. During this process, the body tries to resuscitate itself or add the necessary nutrients and energy by burning up the stored excess fat. The liver mostly carries out this function by converting the stored fat into ketones and fatty acids. The ketones, or fat molecules, are then transferred to the brain where they take the place of glucose as the source of energy. The Ketogenic diet discourages the accumulation of bodily fat by providing adequate fibrous carbs, essential fats protein for the repairing and growth of the body. The amount of necessary calories supplied is just enough to keep the weight stable and normal. 

On the other hand, the Glycemic index diet is aimed at reducing the amount of high GI value carbs taken in. High GI value carbs are known to contain a lot of sugar which gets stored as fat when absorbed by the body. These carbohydrates give fast energy after which there is a lull. This triggers a response in the brain causing the individual to eat more as a result of the hunger pangs and the fast action of the glucose. Since the body doesn't necessarily use up all the carbohydrates, the rest are stored as fat in the body. 

But with low glycemic index carbs, an individual can still eat his meals while losing weight and if the goal is to stay lean, he can maintain a lean body. Low GI value carbohydrates often contain a lot of fiber which also have a more satisfying feel and can make you feel fuller faster. The fiber in the carbs makes the rate of metabolism slower. It is this slow absorption of the fibers and nutrients that makes an individual less hungry and results in reduced food consumption. 
Glycemic index diets are very effective in losing weight, reducing blood sugar level, preventing ailments such as heart disease and diabetes, and finally maintaining a lean body. Unlike the Ketogenic diet, it does not involve the use of fatty acids as energy sources, but it's still a healthy way to lose weight and stay fit.


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